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Don't Give Up The Ship: American and British Naval Uniforms in 1813

An online display of my MFA thesis project, focused on the uniforms worn aboard the USS Cheaspeake and the HMS Shannon during their battle off the coast of Boston

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Hennin Party: Theories on the Construction of 15th Century Hats

A presentation on different possible construction methods for medieval hats, taking into account the technologies known to exist. Part of a bigger ongoing project involving the hands-on creation of said hats. 


Norse Spiral Silver Posaments: Experimental Recreation

The written paper on my experimental re-creation of the Norse/Sami trim technique known modernly as "Tenntrad"


Ulfr's Undies: Men's Green Underwear in 15th Century South Germany

An exploration and recreation of the Lengberg Castle Underwear, as well as proof from artwork that it was likely worn by either ONLY men, or men AND women.


Lettice See: An Exploration of the Tudor Lettice/Miniver Cap

A written account of an attempt to recreate a Tudor miniver cap, taking into account different theories of construction. 

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