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Costume Crafts

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While working with Michael Curry Designs, I worked as part of the fabric crew on many different structural projects. The following links are to publically avaliable images and videos of some of these projects. 

Professor Wigglesworth hand puppet: dyework on hair and skin, creation of puppet sized jacket and shirt.
  See Prof. Wigglesworth interview Issac Mizrahi here

"Lake of Dreams" flower, Wynn Las Vegas. 40 foot silk flower connected to moving armature. Seen at 0:18 and 1:26 in video from the Wynn.

"Peach the Starfish" puppet rebuild, Finding Nemo: The Musical!. Seen first here at 3:50 in video of the show.

Flying Monkey Wings, assembly from WICKED. Seen here in detail at 2:30 in a video from the official WICKED channel.

Lotte World Korea's "Let's Dream!" parade.  Seen here in a video from LDaruma.assisted with the projection screen backpacks at 0:48, blacklight reactive "comets" at 1:53, and the fabric top of the "Dream of the Deep" float at 2:52. 

Disney's Aladdin A Musical Spectacular: Created replacement decorative "blanket" on the elephant and replacement fabric skin for Jafar Cobra and Red Genie cloud.  
Elephant seen here at 1:49   

Jafar cobra/evil genie cloud seen here at 38:43 and 39:27.

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