While working with Michael Curry Designs, I worked as part of the fabric crew on many different structural projects. The ones that follow are the ones that public images/video exist of. 

Professor Wigglesworth hand puppet: See Prof. Wigglesworth interview Issac Mizrahi here

"Lake of Dreams" flower, Wynn Las Vegas: 40 foot silk flower connected to moving armature. Seen here in video from the Wynn Las Vegas

"Peach the Starfish" puppet, Finding Nemo: The Musical!: Ongoing replacements and maintenance. Seen here at Keys to the Magic Kingdom

Flying Monkey Wings, WICKED: . Seen here in a video from the official WICKED channel.

Lotte World Korea's "Let's Dream!" parade: Seen here in a video from LDaruma. 

Disney's Aladdin A Musical Spectacular: Elephant (seen at beginning) and growing cobra/evil genie cloud (seen at end)

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