Custom Work


I would love to work with you on bringing your project to life.  Please look over the information on this page before filling out the contact form below. 

Skills Available: 
  • Custom patternmaking with or without instructions provided

  • Custom clothing construction

  • Custom costume/cosplay/garb construction

  • Hand built tutus, bodices or other dancewear

  • Alterations/reworking/repair of existing clothes. 

  • Online or in person sewing lessons (hand or machine)

  • Online or in person patterning lessons. 

  • Custom millinery (hatmaking)

  • Custom dye work

  • Small knitting or embroidery projects

  • Design/prototyping assistance

  • Costume research assistance

  • Others by request 

My Pricing:

In general, I charge between $25 and $35/hour in labor, depending on the difficulty of the project, the fabric, or the student. 

This does not include the price of fabric or notions (buttons and trim), which I am happy to advise on. It does include my patterning time in the labor estimate, so the total cost will go down if I'm making a repeat garment for you from the same pattern with only minor changes.

Here I've listed a few time and yardage/notion estimates on common garments and a few fabric websites I use frequently so you can get a sense of what your project may cost:

Things that still make Matt
Fabric Stores:
Time/Yardage/ Notion Estimates:

  • Three piece tailored suit:  40 hours, 12-16 yards of fabric, buttons, zipper. 

  • Tailored jacket: 25 hours, 7 yards of fabric, buttons.

  • Tailored Pants: 8-10 hours, 4-5 yards of fabric, zipper.

  • "Pancake" tutu: 15-20 hours, 10-14 yards of fabric.

  • Medieval cotehardie: 5-7 hours,  4-6 yards of fabric, buttons.

  • Button down shirt: 5-7 hours, 3-4 yards of fabric, buttons.

  • Knee Length circle skirt: 4-6 yards of fabric, zipper. 

  • Corset: 10-15 hours, 2-4 yards fabric, 2-10 yards of boning depending on era, eyelets.

  • Knit/Jersey shirt: 4-6 hours, 2-4 yards fabric.

  • Millinery: buckram structured hat, 4-7 hours.

  • Millinery: pulled felt/straw hat, 2-4 hours.

  • Patterning, "simple" garment (6 or fewer seams) 1-3 hours. 

  • Patterning, "elaborate" garment (6 or more seams, fitted or supportive) 2-5 hours. 

  • Creating instructions for patterns or garment construction: 1-3 hours.

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